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Changing Your Polaris Engine Oil:

October 21, 2016

Regularly changing your engine oil is one of the most important aspects in maintaining and improving the life of your Polaris vehicle.

Firstly, Never attempt an oil change on a hot engine, always ensure your vehicle has cooled before attempting any oil change. We recommend wearing suitable (clean) gloves to avoid contact between oils and your skin.

Before you start, ensure the area around the oil filter is clean, including the areas around the dipstick and refill location. You do not want any dirt or debris entering engine during an oil change.

Always ensure you use the correct oil and filter specified for your vehicle. The standard oil recommended for most Polaris vehicles is PS-4. The PS-4 oil is available right here: https://industrialvehicleparts.com.au/?s=ps-4

There are also other engine oil variants available from Polaris which include PS-4 extreme (for extreme duty/race/high temperature applications), a blue 2-cycle oil for the smaller 2 stroke vehicles, and a diesel engine oil for the Ranger diesel vehicles.

Before you release your oil drain plug to drain your engine oil, be sure you have a large container ready in position with adequate capacity to catch the engine oil.

(Note: Smaller ‘Youth’ vehicles generally contain about 1L of oil, most Sportsman and Ranger vehicles around 1.9L and RZR 900/1000 vehicles between 2.5 and 3.5 L– Refer to your owners manual for further information about your specific vehicle)

After you have drained your engine oil, and replaced the oil filter always double check you install the new oil filter the right way around (or risk ruining your engine!). Avoid overtightening your new oil filter or your oil drain plug during the oil change.

Once you have completed your oil change, please seal and dispose of the drained engine oil in an environmentally friendly manner. Most council operated recycling stations offer an oil recycling service. Never tip the oil down a drain or into a garden as it can cause contamination and risk to flora and fauna.

The following documents advise of step-by-step instructions for oil changes on specific models of Polaris vehicles. By following these instructions, you can ensure your Polaris engine oil change is a success (rather than a mess!).

If you have any doubts about carrying out your oil change, STOP and leave it to the experts. Polaris Melbourne have a fully equipped workshop that can carry out the full range of maintenance and repair duties for you. See our FAQ or contact us section for more details.








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