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Find the Right Polaris Oil and Lubricants for your Polaris:

May 26, 2021

Trying to find the right oils, oil quantities and filters for your Polaris can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve never done it before. We have put together this guide to help you confidently purchase the correct oils and lubricants for your Polaris. 

Polaris Oil and Lube Specification Chart

The Polaris Lube Specification Chart is a great tool to help you confidently find the correct oils, lubricants and filter for your Polaris. All you need to know is the year and model of your Polaris.

How to use the Polaris Oil and Lube Specification Chart

The chart contains content tables with clickable links to sections throughout the document to help with quick navigation.

On the first page, click “Chapter 2: ORV Lube Chart”.

Click on the ORV Lube Chart that matches the model-year of your Polaris.

Locate your specific model of Polaris from the list displayed under your model-year (e.g. Sportsman 570, Ranger 1000).

Once you have found your model in the table, you will see the quantity of oil/lubrication required for each compartment of your Polaris. The oil required for each compartment is indicated in the header at the top of the page.

You will find the oil filter part number and the oil change kit part number listed towards the right side of the table.

Find part numbers for all oils and lubricants at the top of the document. 

Use these parts numbers in the search function on our website. 


I don’t know what year or model my vehicle is, what do I do?

Simply contact us with your vehicle’s identification number (VIN) and we can track down the correct details for you. If you contact us during business hours we can usually do this for you right away.

How do I find the VIN of my Polaris?

Details of how to locate the VIN of your Polaris can be found here

I cannot find my Farmhand 450 in the Polaris Oil and Lube Chart?

The Farmhand 450 is unique to the Australian market and is not listed in this global chart. The Farmhand 450 has the same requirements as a Sportsman 450 of the same year, except the Farmhand does not require Demand Drive oil because it does not have a front differential.

Are you still unsure?

If this page hasn’t completely answered your questions, please get in touch with us. Contact us.

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