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3 Polaris Spare Parts You Cannot Afford To Be Without:

August 18, 2016

Imagine driving your Polaris RZR through a rolling, spacious plain. You come to a sudden stop near a patch of shady grass. After taking in the view and a drink of water, you turn the key to your Polaris RZR. The engine doesn’t start. You try again. Nothing. Nearly 20 minutes later, a driver pulls over to pick you up, leaving your UTV behind and putting an end to an otherwise magnificent trip. “Sounds like it could have been an easy fix if you had brought genuine Polaris Spare Parts with you on your ride.”

He was right.
Even a properly maintained Polaris RZR may need new parts from time-to-time. It’s the nature of owning any vehicle. However, in order to make sure you are never stuck in the middle of nowhere with your UTV, make a point of stocking your Polaris Spare Parts and toolkit with a few needed items on trips of any length.

Brake Pads

While brake pads may not be the source cause of your flat-lined engine, imagine the fright of feeling like you cannot stop your Polaris RZR no matter how hard you apply the brakes. That’s the exact feeling that one receives at the exact moment they realize, “I need new brake pads.” Nothing can ruin a great weekend like a major safety malfunction due to poor maintenance.

Our Polaris RZR Brake Pads are:

  • High performance in any temperature and condition: wet, dry or mud
  • Designed with the same material used by high-end motorcycles


We all know that sinking feeling of turning the key and not hearing a single sound. The Polaris RZR battery may need to be replaced after extended use, just like any other vehicle battery. Carrying a spare will surely save you the frustration and headache of not being able to start your engine.

A few comments about our Polaris RZR batteries:

  • We use only the highest quality.
  • They are engineered and tested to fit and perform on our machines.


There couldn’t be an easier fix than a belt replacement. Not to mention, they are very lightweight, which means there is no excuse to not carry at least one of each belt for your Polaris RZR.

Our Polaris RZR belts:

  • Provide the highest performance
  • The Polaris Kevlar belt provides 2x longer belt life than the competitors are heavy-duty.

Even a few spare parts can make all the difference in quality of experience and safety. Visit Polaris Melbourne to purchase genuine Polaris Spare Parts.

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